Abe visit to Israel and the ISIS hostage - Sakai Tanaka

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Abe visit to Israel and the ISIS hostage - Sakai Tanaka [True nature of the Islamic countries] The recognition that [extremist terrorist state] belief?! After the Second World War, in the midst of the Cold War, there was a charm to the young people of the Western industrialized countries it was [socialism]. However, as transmitted is the Soviet Union and China's actual situation of the time, young people who were disappointed in the existing [socialist state] is inclined to extremist organizations. Land which they aim is still the Middle East. However, it is not in Iraq and Syria, was a Palestinian. Young people gather from all over the world The Israel founding extremist organization that was born out of the Palestinian refugees who were uprooted by (for example, the PFLP = Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), youth was canons prominence from all over the world. It participated in the Red Army faction from Japan. Was called [Japan Red Army] in the sense that [the Red Army came from Japan]. Or shine they are, year, the indiscriminate terrorist attacks in Israel of Lod Airport.

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