Abe visit to Israel and the ISIS hostage - Sakai Tanaka

ISIS of [caliphate] or national ends in short dream: Megumi Ikeuchi ...

Abe visit to Israel and the ISIS hostage - Sakai Tanaka Or [caliphate] national ISIS ends in short dream According to Al-Jazeera, month and day, ISIS is that by stretching the forces in Iraq and Syria, announced the voice messages over the Internet, to establish the caliphate] nation-controlled areas in Iraq and Syria, Abu Bakr bug Dah Dee's leaders declared that the caliph of the world's Muslims. That identified himself the caliph, even the in realistic range of its domination is limited to the conquered areas of the ISIS, on the principles of Islamic law are, as a leader of faith standing in front of the world's Muslims it means that the claims of status. [Islamic nation] to himself to have been more, and is supposed to refer to the national theory of Islamic law, but a move that is expected from there, of course, possible that in reality the Muslims around the world recognize the caliph the Bagudadi sex is little in the near future.

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