Abe visit to Israel and the ISIS hostage - Sakai Tanaka

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Abe visit to Israel and the ISIS hostage - Sakai Tanaka The [local record] ISIS? Critical perspective on the Islamic nation and the Middle East of the status quo October day, Kulab is organizing the Islamic state and critical vision on the current state of the Middle East], speakers people, Zhou Shi true and En MadokaMasaru is, for the Middle East of history in the shadow of imperialism and the current international political It was discussed. We believe in the abstract hollow provided by the mainstream media and the [Islamic] want to break the stereotype of the [Islamic state]. (Event information) or less, and lectures by speakers people, Hayashi She Kyoto responds, is a video recording of the main and pre comprehensive discussion. [Loyalty of exercise to us] *: Saudi Arabia royal family and symbiotic relationship with the United States (peripheral hou Town) Saudi Arabia's royal family, has been originally planted by the British. Royal family after the Second World War, has turned to the United States. Wahhabizumu that has been proposed by the royal family of feudal and authoritarian Shah, is a doctrine which is inclined which has been rejected by most of the Sunni Muslim.

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